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Our main criteria in providing services are the following:

– Quality of services and products;

– Environmental Safety

– Life and Health Safety

All work is performed by professional staff having the relevant education and certification. To ensure the quality of our services is always at a high level, we hold continuous training of our employees and arrange professional development programs.

The range of goods and services is constantly expanding. The only thing that stays the same is the high quality of our products and services!


Gas and cylinder

Gas and cylinder bundles

Gas gas and ISO tubes

Liquid helium

LHe in tank

LHe in Dewar

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Delivery is carried out during the day (on pre-holiday and public holidays, the delivery time may increase) after placing the order. When products are shipped to the regions, the terms are set based on the time required for delivery by the transport company.


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    Our Services

    Big cylinders periodic inspection

    Technical inspection is required to maintain containers in proper technical condition and ensure their safe operation. READ MORE

    Cylinder Maintenance

    We can help you to hold a routine inspection of cylinders/vessels; this is a necessary step for timely identification of the emergency. READ MORE

    Helium ISO container periodic inspection

    Tank containers intended to carry the dangerous goods shall be subject to regular inspections. READ MORE

    Quality lab

    Depending on the content of impurities, helium can be of different purity. Each purity degree is used in a specific industry READ MORE