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Helium24 is renowned as one of the leading companies in the production and distribution of Liquid Helium and Compressed Helium with following purities:

Helium balloon grade
Helium grade 4.6 (99.996%)
Helium grade 5.0 (99.999%)
Helium grade 6.0 (99.9999%)
Helium grade 7.0 (99.99999%)

Also, we can offer purchase of crude helium for further purification and liquification.


Compressed Helium

Multi-element gas containers Bundles of gas cylinders

  • Dispatch by road, sea and rail
  • Capacity: 3000-5000m3
  • Working pressure 200-300 bar


Bundles of gas cylinders

  • Shipping by road, sea transport
  • Capacity: 150-600 m3 of compressed helium

Gas and cylinder

Gas and cylinder bundles

Gas gas and ISO tubes

Liquid Helium


For the safe and successful transportation of liquid helium, the company uses its own helium tanks and Dewar’s. Transportation of liquid helium over long distances occurs in insulated containers with a volume of up to 36,000 litters or 4,500 kg.

Dewar flasks

As of 2023, the company owns several dozen Dewar’s vessels with a capacity of 250 litters, which makes it possible to transport cryofluids such as liquid helium, liquid argon, liquid nitrogen, and liquid oxygen. Liquid helium in Dewar’s vessels with a volume of 40 to 500 litters is transported by the company both in foreign countries.

LHe in tank

LHe in Dewar

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