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Global Helium Market Report 2021 by the

Significant Growth Potential in Healthcare, Near-space Travel in Balloons, Semiconductors, and Other Electronic Applications – Forecast to 2026 Scope of the Report: The report analyses the Helium Market by value (USD Million). The report analyses the Helium Market by volume (Million Cubic Feet) The report analyses the Helium Market by Type (Gaseous Form, Liquid Form).

Kornbluth: Latest Amur fire tightens helium supply for 2022

New information about the explosion and fire that took place at Gazprom’s Amur natural gas processing facility on 5th January indicates that helium production will remain offline for at least the next six months. Largely driven by expectations for significant production from two of Amur’s eventual three 700 MMCF per year helium tranches, 2022 was

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Helium: South Africa strikes new ‘gold’

In a grassy plain in South Africa, once the world’s largest gold producer, prospectors have stumbled upon a new treasure: helium. Popularly known for birthday balloons and squeaky voices, helium plays an underappreciated role in medical scanners, superconductors, and space travel. It’s also rare—produced by fewer than 10 countries and often treated as a waste

‘World’s largest’ helium hub comes onstream in Russia

As demand for helium continues to grow, the market last week saw a breakthrough moment when what is believed to be the world’s largest logistic centre for the servicing of helium containers came onstream in Russia. Owned and operated by Gazprom, the centre will deliver liquid helium produced at the Amur Gas Processing Plant (GPP),

Renergen inks helium deals with Linde, Messer and Helium24

Renergen has inked three take-or-pay conditional helium sales agreements with Linde, Messer and Helium24. The domestic natural gas and helium producer today (4th August) announced the deals which relate to its planned Phase 2 plant in the Virginia Gas Project. Linde and Messer have both signed a 15-year agreement and Helium24 has committed to a 10-year