Cylinder Rental

To reduce the costs of the enterprise for the purchase of expensive cylinders, you can arrange their rental with us. This service is available to our customers at an affordable price.

Why is it more profitable to rent a cylinder
Renting a cylinder is much more profitable if the use of gas is one-time in nature – no need to think about storage, certification, placement of empty containers. In our company you can also order filling of gas cylinders with technical gas of excellent quality. All of them have passed the mandatory quality control (certification) and meet the safety requirements.

Gas cylinders are used to purchase the following technical gases:
gas mixtures.

Safe and secure use of technical cylinders
All containers are guaranteed to ensure the safety of the contents – they are 100% airtight. However, it should be remembered that their transportation and use requires special attention. A sharp increase or decrease in temperature, storage near combustible substances is not allowed.

Each tank is certified and labeled. Available domestic and import cylinders of various volumes. You can leave a rental request on the website in the form below. If for work you periodically need technical gas, our offer will be profitable and will save a significant part of the budget.

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