Helium Refill

We offer helium refueling as customer’s own cylinders, which are also rented from us. This gas is used in various industries, entertainment, medicine, and therefore is very popular. Helium is an inert gas that is safe, colorless, odorless. At the same time, its high ionization properties are noted. For the reason that it has a very low molecular weight, its content in the air is negligible.

In which areas helium is used most often Helium is used in many areas:
for refueling refrigeration units;
for use in diving equipment;
in medical MRI systems;
for celebrations and entertainment, to fill balloons.
Regardless of the volume of your order, our specialists always check the integrity of the cylinder and its tightness during refueling.

Cylinder rental
If your ongoing activity is not associated with the constant use of helium, buying a balloon is useless. You can rent a container of any volume in our company. The application can be left on the site. Renting is an affordable way to save a significant amount on the purchase of capacity.

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