MRI Station

Helium in liquid form is used in various fields of production. In particular, for refueling medical devices MRI. The importance of using magnetic resonance imaging systems is difficult to overestimate. This method allows you to obtain accurate data on the functioning of body systems and the state of tissues.

The apparatus is based on the use of electromagnets, the power of which increases when immersed in liquid helium. It is important to ensure the purity of this process gas for stable operation of the installation.

Where can I get helium for MRI refueling
You can buy helium for MRI in our company. For delivery, we use sealed metal Dewar vessels. Such containers are guaranteed to provide minimal loss of contents during transportation due to a special design. Double walls and the bottom are separated by vacuum, which increases the thermal insulation of the contents.

Delivery is made by special transport. Capacities must be tested and accompanied by relevant documentation. You can find out details on MRI refueling from our consultant. Leave a request in the form on this page so that we call you back.

MRI refueling cost
The level above 45% – 60 000 rubles (in Moscow) with VAT
Transportation and travel expenses are paid separately to the regions.

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